Help - Limited control of machines on AP One


I have inherited a rather “special” network and have been getting it cleaned up. We have a Balance 20 router, netgear unmanaged switch and 3 AP One access points (set as bridge). I am having issues remotely connecting to and controlling computers connected to our network wirelessly. I can ping them without a problem but if I try to connect to \computer\c$ it fails. Admin shares are enabled. I try to scan the machine with spiceworks no problem. I try to remote regedit and I cannot connect. I try to push software and it fails. This only happens to the machines connected to our network wirelessly. It is a combination of Windows 7 and XP machines. Suggestions?

Also, we have 2 wireless networks, one guest and one internal. But both networks are using my windows DHCP server and I have come close to running out of addresses. Can I give the guest network a separate DHCP range using the AP One DHCP option?

Thank you for any help / suggestions


Hello David.

Are you able to get to the PC’s by going to \“IP Address” at all assuming you are just trying to reach them by hostname? Just to confirm that you have no issues remotely accessing computers that are wired behind the Balance LAN?

Regarding DHCP:

Is the Balance 20 your DHCP Server? If so, I would ensure that it is on out latest firmware 6.2.2. On current firmware you can enable VLAN support and create a separate DHCP server on the Balance 20 for your guest network. You will just need to properly tag the SSID in the Balance 20 as well as the switch. Also, the B20 on current firmware will have a newly added tab “AP” which is essentially a AP controller where you can configure/manage the AP’s from there.