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I need assistance. I purchased a pepwave Max BRQ mini to use with a cellular broadband carrier for my home provider. I have to use a vpn to remote into my work network and when I switched to pepwave it will not allow me to enter my pin and token to log into the vpn. How do I disable the vpn on the router? Please help🥴


by default, there is no VPN enabled on a Peplink router.
Where are you from? I think a certified Partner from your country can help you.

Please try at first the following:

  1. reset the router
  2. connect your Laptop to the LAN-Port
  3. login to the router
  4. enter your pin from the SIM-Card
  5. insert your SIM

Best wishes

I am located in the U.S. the VPN works fine with old ISP and router. There is no PIN on the sim card.

Ok, now I think I understand your Problem :slight_smile:
Your VPN from the Computer will not connect to your company, right?
Internet is available?

Correct, Internet is the best we have ever had here, completed set up with linksys Mesh network yesterday and is available and working awesome. It is just the employee laptop. Employer uses Cisco any connect mobility client. Has always connected effortly with other routers but with pepwave it is bypassing the user login to cinnect to empler server. Must enter employee user, Pin and token to connect to employer VPN.

okay, that sounds tricky for a remote solution.
I think you should contact your certified dealer in the US


“I think you should contact your certified dealer in the US”

Suggestions on how I do this?


that’s easy … simply goto and find a partner of your choice

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All routers, by default, let any traffic leave the LAN, so my guess is that the router is not the problem. Still, for good luck verify there are no outbound firewall rules.

If you can, connect the computer with the VPN client directly to the BR1 router via Ethernet. This eliminates WiFi and your other router as suspects.

From the computer with the VPN client software try to ping and trace route to the VPN server computer. This may not be a Peplink issue, the problem may be with the cellular carrier. That’s a big reason for the trace route.

Also, is there more than one VPN server you can try to connect to?

Thank you, resetting the router and hardwiring allowed me to finally connect the VPN.