Help connecting Puma 421 to Pepwave MAX

Hello all, noob here looking for some help. Have the Pepwave MAX and just got a Puma 421. There are 4 LTE connectors on the Puma, and only 2 inputs on the MAX. I plugged in LTE 1 into the ‘Cellular Main’, and LTE 2 into the ‘Cellular Diversity/Aux’. Obviously the two Wifi cables plug into their respective 1 and 2 connectors. Can anyone tell me if I hooked it up correctly? Anything need to be done with the ‘extra’ LTE 3 and 4 cables? Thanks in advance!

Hi, which MAX model did you buy? Sounds like you have done the right thing if the router is a single modem version like a BR1 or Transit mini.

BR1 Mark 2 - looks like it’s a single modem version, so LTE 1 → Cellular Main? Anything I need to do with the other two loose wires, LTE 3 and 4? Thanks!

@texdanj, just move them out of the way. If you really don’t want wires, you can try returning the Puma 421 (4cell/2wifi/1gps) and getting the Puma 221 (2cell/2wifi/1gps)

Awesome, ty for the help y’all.