Help configuring Balance 30 LTE and Surf SOHO to work together


I just purchased a Balance 30 LTE a couple of days ago. Since the Balance 30 LTE is not capable of WiFi, I am trying to use a Surf SOHO with it. How should I properly configure the two pieces of equipment to work together?

The Balance will provide the internet via Cellular (this is working), and the SOHO needs to provide the WiFi connection.

I’ve tried disabling DHCP on the SOHO. I then connected an ethernet cable to a LAN port on the SOHO, which then connects to a LAN port on the Balance. This doesn’t appear to work properly, as devices connected via LAN on the SOHO cannot access the internet. I did not get a chance to test internet on WiFi devices connected to the SOHO.

Basically, I want the Balance to handle all of the DHCP on the same subnet for both the Balance and the SOHO. I also don’t want to run into a double NAT scenario. Basically, I want to make the SOHO act like a dump switch, with WiFi, if possible.

Balance LAN IP:
Subnet Mask:

What is the best way to configure this to work? I tried messing with the AP Management stuff on the Balance, but I don’t think it does anything to the SOHO.



This is not the proper setup for SOHO. You should get a “Access Point” to gather the Wireless connection.

Seem you already pre-owned the SOHO, your setup should work for the WiFi devices that connected to the SOHO for the internet access. The mention setup will not allow SOHO device having internet connection. SOHO require active WAN in-order to get connected to IC2 or RA connection. You may consider to add a static route ( at SOHO LAN for the internet connection test.

Thank You

Thank you. Yes, I’ve used the SOHO for the last couple of years and loved it. So I upgraded to the new Balance 30 LTE.

There’s no way to use the SOHO as an AP for the Balance 30 LTE?


You still can use the SOHO as AP for the Balance 30 LTE (Work around).

Below are the setup:

WAN <– Balance 30 LTE LAN <–> LAN SOHO <–> Wireless Clients

Balance 30 LTE:

  • DHCP enabled


  • DHCP disabled

For Wired clients connected to SOHO LAN interface (2 , 3, 4) make sure the device able to get the DHCP IP from Balance 30 LTE.

The disadvantages for this setup:

  • SOHO device it self will lost connection to internet.

Connected clients (Wired/Wireless) should able access internet using Balance 30 LTE.

Thank You

Thank you. That seems to be working. Will there be an issue with double NAT on devices connected to SOHO?

Also, there seems to be an odd issue of some LAN devices showing up on both devices. XPS is connected to Balance, but also shows up on SOHO. Fire-TV-wired is connected to Balance, but only shows up on Balance?


Network traffics will only be NAT when send out from the device WAN interface. Seem the SOHO doesn’t have the WAN interface, NAT will not performed at SOHO device.

Balance/SOHO Client List will be display base the ARP & DHCP client list. Seem the SOHO device is not the DHCP server, thus SOHO client list will only show base on the ARP entry. It’s normal, if SOHO client list shown less client compare to the Balance 30 LTE as SOHO may not register those client that doesn’t have any connection with the SOHO device.

Thank You