Health Check SmartCheck not working for "pay as you go" internet

Hi, I have a Max BR1 I use with pay as you go internet. I would like, when the credit runs out on a given SIM, for it to rollover to the second SIM. I want to do this WITHOUT using the Bandwidth Allowance feature, which doesn’t meet my needs well (I often add credit on a daily basis, and it’s a pain to keep disabling and re-enabling Bandwidth Monitor, changing date, etc.)

So, what I’m wondering is what the best Health Check settings would be for this situation, where the cellular link is up, but the internet is not accessible. It doesn’t seem to “know” there’s my internet credit is gone when I set it to “SmartCheck”. I am not sure why. I will realize my internet is no longer responding, log in to the BR1 and it says that the link is up (3g shows for the connection). Yet when I use the SIM Toolkit to check my balance I will see that I’m out of credit. So the Pepwave and my ISP (Orange Senegal) report a 3g connection even though my credit is gone.

Thanks for any help in figuring this out. Ideally I’d like to continue to be able to use SmartCheck, as it’s designed for cellular connections.

I believe HTTP traffic will be dropped while ping and DNS still working fine when the credit runs out. Please confirm.

If my assumption above is correct, you may use HTTP as health check method.

Ok, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks, TK_Liew !