Health Check Fails for Host 1 but Passes for Host 2 Event Logging

I am looking for the when a Peplink does a Health Check and it fails on Host 1 and switches and checks Host 2 for the Event Log to be updated with that.

I know it is doing a Health check on 1 and when it fails it swaps to Health check 2 but, nothing in the Event log shows this. This would help us in trouble shooting issues where the internet is up but the Peplink cannot reach out to a server or location etc. If you have it set to say ping a specific IP Address and it cannot do it, then it takes the connection off line but, that does not say is the internet down or up just it cannot ping it. By recording it failed on 1 and had to swap to 2 then that allows us to say this server went off line but, the internet was still up.

This is basically already in place it just needs to be produced in the event log.

I hope that makes sense.