Health check caused Balance One to go offline

I just installed a new Balance One router yesterday. Today my monitoring system notified me that it went offline at 5:00am (which meant I had to get up and make an early one-hour drive to reset it).

After checking the event log, I discovered the following:
[TABLE=“class: stat_table, width: 744”]
[TR=“class: zb2”]
Nov 26 04:55:59
WAN: WAN 1 disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)

Apparently, it was unable to ping the DNS server and took itself offline.

Since I only have one WAN connection, there was no way to failover to WAN2. It remained offline until I reset it.

WAN1 is configured with a static IP and WAN2 is disabled.

I disabled the health check to avoid this problem in the future. However, this does not seem like the most intelligent default response to a failed health check on a single-WAN system. This means that a temporary network glitch will cause the router to go offline.

Is there a good reason for this kind of behavior or is it a bug?

The health check mechanism is constantly running in the background, even after a failed status. Once the health check passes again the WAN connection will come back up automatically.

In a single-WAN environment the health check is not even needed but could be used to monitor how good your connection really is performing. I would suggest to use a different health check method or use different DNS servers like public Google &

I was using for the health check IP.

From what I could see, it looks like it just failed and never recovered until I cycled the power.


We need to gather more info on this. Appreciate if you can help to download Diagnostic Report during the problem occur. Please open ticket here to submit your diagnostic report.

Thank you.