HD4 controlling external AP's


We have an HD4 controlling 2 AP One Mini’s. All is working ok, except we don’t see a signal from the internal AP (though it is enabled). Does the internal AP disable if it detects external AP’s as well?


Hi Tony,

Internal AP still working if it detects external AP. Please get closer to HD4 or try with another laptop.

I am a little concern because all devices connect to the external APs and there is never any traffic on the internal AP even though it is showing on the controller and I am sitting right next to it with my laptop.
Are they any settings for the internal AP?
Can we prioritize one AP over others?
Thank you.


Wireless roaming is client decision. I suspect external APs having great coverage on your testing area, thus your laptop still associates with external AP even you are closer to Max router. You may lower down Output Power for external AP and try again.

Hope this help.