HD2 Mini LTE Antennas

What frequencies do the standard antennas that come with the HD2 Mini LTE operate on? Also, are there any recommendations for an antenna that operates on this frequency with the highest signal strength possible (regardless of size)?

Are you using this unit for a fixed site? If so your highest gain antenna will be either a Yagi, Parabolic, or Panel type antenna.

Not quite. The application will be for a mobile pelican style case. The antenna will be screwed into the top of the case when in operation.

We build a lot of cases like this, and antenna choice normally comes down to a combination of form factor (what works in the confines or bolted onto a case) and the deployment location.

We’ve done dedicated portable antenna enclosures with integrated 2M tripods, tripod mounts and Yagi style wide band high gain LTE antennas, and we have done tiny cases for the BR1 Mini with integrated mid-gain panel antennas.

Generally speaking we’ll use mid gain wideband antennas integrated in the enclosure (for their form factor to performance ratio) and offer larger directional and omni directional external specialist antennas that can be connected if and when needed (ie on boat or in the deep rural locations).

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