HD2 Dome forces change of SIM-Card, how do I stop it?

HD2 Dome forces switch of Sim Card.

I have been monitoring the HD2 Dome continuously for some hours and it has been connected to two different providers all ok.

Cell 1 to Telenor DK with Swedish SIM-Card
Cell 2 to Telia DK with Danish Sim-card

Suddenly according to eventlog Cell 2 failed smartcheck and switched sim:

“WAN: Cell2 TeliaDK health check failed, switch SIM”

Im using SIM-injector so there is no A or B sim card in the unit. After this No sim card is detected in the HD2 Dome but I can still see it active in the sim injector.

How do I get it back online? “Reloading sim card” on dash board does not work, resetting cellular module, switching from remote sim card to A/B and back, nothing works. I have to manually unplugg the sim and put it back in, sometimes several times…

Why are the unit switching sims when im using injector? Is there a way to “lock” it to a sim? It should not use any other than the one specified in the sim injector… :

Can I assume your HD2 Dome is directly connected to the SIM Injector? If so, please ensure the HD2 Dome is running firmware 8.1.0 and the SIM Injector is running firmware 1.1.68. If the problem persists with the latest firmware version, please open ticket for us to take a closer look.


Hmm, well yes that was the case :thinking:. I had updated the firmware previously but for some reason it was downgraded again… Looks like it solved it for now.

Also as Ive written in another topic, the firmware is still very hard to find and not listed on the download page;)

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