HD2 at can't talk to Google Wifi at



I had a BR1 ENT previously which was set to that was just used for fail over to cellular with a few wired devices connected directly to it. WAN1 was connected to Google Wifi which has 4 access points and functions as a router, since that can’t be disabled. The Google Wifi is Previously if I was on my desktop wired to the BR1 and assigned IP I could ping, or remote desktop into a computer on the Google Wifi at

I changed the BR1 for a HD2 with the same assigned as previously, but now the 2 networks will not talk to each other. I can’t ping or access devices on Google Wifi at from my desktop at

Is there a setting or something somewhere I’m missing? I have inter VLAN routing enabled if that changes anything, even though there’s no VLANs in use. If I go back to the BR1 it works fine so just not sure what is off. Thank you.


Is it possible that routing mode for WAN 1 connection settings in the BR1 ENT was set to IP forwarding instead of NAT?