Having unit be an NTP time server would be helpful

Hi Guys,

have you found the solution already for the HD to act as NTP server? I am lookinng for this feature.

MAX HD4 as GPS time server. So LAN devices uses clocking source as HD4.

Max HD4 acts as time server using internal GPS clock source. – HD2/HD4 has already GPS receiver. If we connect an external antenna, then it receives all the necessary clock information. Can it be possible to use this reference clock as time server to some of the equipment on board?. Basically then the device needs to support as time server through LAN ports.

This feature is obvious when it comes to Marine applications. so we need this as soon as possible.

thanks to consider


Yes, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to reducing any redundant traffic over expensive satellite links in maritime. Thanks for the insight. We will make sure the feedback reach engineering and provide a response soon.

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I’d like to add my voice to those requesting a Stratum 1 NTP server in Pepwave products. I have two Max BR1 Mini units that I’m using for Internet at remote field research locations, and I need high precision/accuracy time for time stamping sensor info. While it is theoretically possible to add GPS time sync to my data acquisition PC, it would be super helpful to have local NTP (which works even if mobile Internet goes down) especially since the BR1 mini already has GPS hardware.


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Thanks for everyone’s feedback. We have committed to bring this feature available in our routers. It’s been put on our roadmap. ETA is to be determined soon, we hope to bring it out within this year.

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Sorry to ask, but the ETA was going to be delivered soon 8 months ago ;), will this be in 7.1?


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I would definitely like to see my Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 be able to function as a NTP server.

Right now, for my LAN I have my NAS running as the NTP server for a lot of stuff that isn’t allowed Internet access. I’d really like to block (at the router) all Internet access for the NAS as well. But because of the need to run the NTP service on the NAS, I can’t do that. But once the router can act as the LAN(s) NTP server, the NAS can be cut off from the Internet too.

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NTP service to the LAN/WiFi side only, of course.

Many latest features in 7.1 have jumped the line and push back some features including this one. But this feature is still on the plan. It should be sometime later this year but I’m not going to give a date until it’s close :slight_smile:


Any status in this request? Also if it was added to the features would you pull time sync over the GPS link?

We have currently a project requirement for a integrated time server in a MAX router. Because time sensitive applications depend on a time server in the LAN.
Please push forward this feature to the next release.


Hello @Keith & @Tim_S,
Our previous client who was interested in this has now gone else where for a solution, though we would still like to see this still in future firmware.

Can this NTP server function be done in FW 8.0.x as we still see it as being useful for many?
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


While not crucial this would be helpful. Any updates on this feature?

We shall see what we can do on 8.0.1. Stay tuned.


Nothing better than come back on an old thread due to a customer request and see that Peplink is planning it soon :wink:

Thanks Eddy !


Sure seems like a great idea on our end – we pay as much (or more) than a BR1 Mini costs for stratum 1 time servers! Seems like a “no brainer” for Pepwave devices which already incorporate a GPS RX. :drooling_face: Real “value added.”


Looking forward to this features availability. Staying tuned :nerd_face: