Having issues with a Balance 380


I got it about a year ago, best western said they no longer needed it. So after about 3 months I take it out of my shop, try to set it up. Then it says firmware locked, I can’t get the key because it says it already belongs to another organization. I would like help removing it because I wanted to use it as a modem but I can’t when it is locked.

Any help appreciated .



Have you submitted a ticket?

What firmware is it on?



I submitted it yesterday night



Still no response to the ticket



Just four brief comments …

  1. Did you do a factory default as described in the manual (available on-line?)
  2. Your firmware is r-e-a-l-l-y old. When you have full access to the router you may wish to upgrade. You did not say what HW version you have and that will determine what your options are but I’d still try that. (If you have HW ver 3 or later you definitely have an upgrade path. I’m reasonably certain HW 1 and 2 have been deprecated.)
  3. If I read your posts correctly, you entered the ticket at the close of the work week, although I’m not certain of the time zone in which you are located. Be patient and you may also consider posting the ticket number here. The Peplink support folks are excellent and very helpful, and Peplink distinguishes itself by the quality of the support given its partners and customers. Give ‘em a chance, but don’t’ expect an immediate response over the weekend. I suspect those guyz, like the rest of us, enjoy some time off work.
  4. Not sure how you are going to use the router as modem. Let us know how that works out for you.
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This is a very old firmware and you may need a 5.X firmware key for the device. This is depend the hardware version as mentioned by Rick.

Please work up the issue with support team.

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