Hardware IC2 access with management interface problem


I can’t access my IC2 hardware Appliance with management interface. No problems from wan interface, but when i try from management, I’m redirected to the control panel, even if I’m using https://fqn, it redirect to http://fqdn:8000.
Any idea ?



If the FQDN resolves into the ICA’s management IP and you’re PC is connected to the ICA’s management port, it is expected to redirect https://fqdn to the control panel (http://fqdn:8000).

If you want to visit the ICA web site, make sure your PC is connected on the ICA’s WAN segment and the FQDN resolves into the ICA’s WAN IP.

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No plan to activate lan interface to access website from Inside network ?
And what is needed for a PC accessing the ICA website. I miss the wan ip détails of the device in Dashboard /information/staus. Some wizards (ex : pepvpn configuration at group level) can’t be saved too. No problems if I’m connecting from public side. I think my firewall blocks somethiing internally, but I can’t figure what. Can you detail the needed streams to open ?




You can use to access InControl website from the management network.
By this way, you need to modify the “hosts” file in your PC system to map to your ICA’s URL host name.

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