Ha_support key in the incontrol api /rest/o/{organization_id}/d/{device_id}

Hi, I’m trying to query the incontrol API to get the high availability status of two routers, and on the master that’s active i get something like:

u’ha_group_vip’: ‘’,
u’ha_role’: ‘master’,
u’ha_status’: ‘active’,
u’ha_support’: False,
u’ha_transition_time’: ‘2020-11-26T12:54:35’,

what is ‘ha_support’? the documentation doesn’t mention what this means. It’s also the only key shown about HA when I query for the slave’s information.

ha_status and ha_role are returned for slave devices. It’s likely that the device was offline. So the fields were not returned.

The ha_support field is for internal use. It will be removed from future InControl releases.


when the slave is in HA standby mode, I can see tha if I log into the router admin page of the router, but otherwise incontrol and the api just says its offline with no additional information. Is there anyway to get its status in terms of high availability status (as in it’s waiting and ready) through the incontrol api or local api?

As a work around, I may just flag it as ‘ready’ as long as I get a local api response from it periodically, and if it doesn’t respond i’ll flag it as actually offline.


Suppose the “Slave” device should online in InControl that same as the Master device. I think the main problem that we need to check now is why the slave device is not showing online in IC2.

Can you open a ticket and allow us to check on that ? Please share your ticket number here after you have submit a ticket .