HA/Full Mesh setup using Peplink 710/1350 - possible?


  1. 4 Internet link - 50Mbps each
  2. Master/Slave setup for Peplink (Master Peplink, Slave Peplink)
  3. Two Switches (WAN SW1, WAN SW2) facing Internet site. ISP 1 and 2 goto WAN SW1, ISP 3 and 4 goto WAN SW2
  4. Master Peplink (2 cable to WAN SW1, 2 cable to WAN SW2). Slave Peplink (2 cable to WAN SW1, 2 cable to WAN SW2)

Question is…i have 2 switches facing my LAN sides …(peplink –> LAN switch –> firewall –> LAN). Since there is only 1 LAN port for Peplink 710/1350, is it possible to have full mesh cable layout at the LAN sides (similar to WAN side cable connections)?


For HA mode, you would have a switch in between each of the ISP links and the HA pair. On the LAN side of the Peplink, only one switch is needed, not two.

Here is a link to our KB article with more information on configuring HA for the Peplink Balance:

I need a full mesh configuration…if using one switch at the LAN, this setup will be single point of failure. Please advise. Thanks.

Its a good point. Looks like you will need to add some more switches. 3 more in this case. One additional one per Balance (so that you can cross plug the lan ports to the two core lan switches), then the third alongside the one in the diagram on the lan side (acting as the LAN core stack). Never done it, but it looks like it should work.

It might be nice if Peplink could enable one of the WAN ports to become a LAN port for this configuration. Might be worth raising a feature request for it…