HA configuration - WAN Tracking

Today, in HA mode, if the master and slave do not see each other, the Master becomes slave and the Slave becomes master.
It would be nice to have the possibility to have tracking option on WAN interface to determine if the master and slave should swap or not.

For exemple :

  • WAN1 has a normal Internet connection;
  • WAN2 is connected to lease line to a remote;
  • WAN3 is on MPLS line (connection to e remote site).

WAN1 is used for internet connection and as backup line (SPEED FUSION) for remote site connection.
If WAN1 fails, we still have connection to the remote site, but no more access to internet.
Balance should be able to swap Mastership in this case.

Thanks Alexandre. But, if I am not missing something, swapping to slave unit wouldn’t help. We still won’t have Internet connectivity because your only Internet link - WAN1 is still down.

Hi Kurt,
All ISP are connected on switches in deferent VLANs.
The Peplink as well.

The goal is to swap if there is cable disruption or port failure on the switch.
On any router, when you configure VRRP, you are able to make tracking on any interface involved in VRRP.

Hope my explaination is more clear.


Hi Alexandre,

We got such similar feature request from our other customers too. In the coming firmware, when all enabled Ethernet WAN ports are physically down (i.e. port is not sync’d up) on the master unit, a failover will be triggered. Will this serve your purpose?

Thanks for your suggestion.