GUI enhancement for large installations #1 dashboard

We are running into some serious management issues with our hub SDX-PRO routers, which have between 500 and 800 speedfusion profiles and upwards of 1200 static routes or outbound policies and some grouped networks with many entries.
The issues are not bugs - the router is working as designed. Rather they are evidence that although an SDX-PRO can handle 800 SF peers and an EPX 4000…no one on the GUI dev side has actually USED one with that kind of volume in use. Frankly, I cannot imagine managing thousands of peers/routes etc the way it is now.
I am going to break this up into multiple requests, as there are five different ones I would like to see, but they are unrelated to each other, other than that they are about capacity.
#1 is the dashboard.
1a - re-order the parts of the dashboard. Put SF peer list at the bottom, so that you can see the device info/HA status on the dashboard without scrolling way down (Which is very annoying to do on something like a mobile device)
1b - allow a simple filter search to limit what it is displaying, as if you have many hundreds or thousands it is difficult to zero in on the one you wan tto see
1v - perhaps an option to paginate (default show all), combined with that filter search

Can we get a response and timeline on this?