Guest Protect on Balance One

I have a Balance One using 7.02. Using the internal wifi, I don’t see an option to prevent clients using our Guest SSID from accessing our remote LANs that are connected using PepVPN.

Would checking Layer 2 Isolation in the SSID setup do that? It is not my intention to completely isolate the devices from the LAN printers, but if thats the only way I can restrict those devices from the PepVPN, I may be required to use that method.

Assuming you want to only allow devices on the guest SSID to access printers on the LAN segment and the internet, then you need to add an Outbound Rule that sends any traffic destined for non LAN traffic out via the WAN, then turn on expert mode in outbound policies and put this rule above the ‘PepVPN / OSPF / RIPv2 Routes’ bar.

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I thought the device was on 7.02, but it was on 7.01. I completed the 7.02 upgrade. At the same time I turned on expert mode on the rules. I don’t know which of those two actions did it, but now under the SSID setup I have the options to block private subnets, and custom subnets. Thats what I was looking for

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