Guest and Office Internet Physically Seperated Solution

We able to access Internet using the GUEST NETWORK current we have a new requirement to connect the OFFICE NETWORK to the internet, Have attached a diagram for your reference please advice how can this be achieved


If it were me, I would bypass your Cisco switch and run your office uplink direct to a LAN port on the balance. Assign VLAN 999 to the switch port, and disable inter-VLAN routing. That should allow both networks to access the interwebs, but remain separated (logically). If physical separation is required, you should get a second router and internet circuit. I imagine that VLAN separation is preferred due to hardware and service costs.

This is assuming that both networks are already managed (own DHCP, own DNS, etc)

Let me know if there is some other requirements that weren’t mentioned previously. Good luck with the project.

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Thank you JMJones

How do I configure the LAN PORT with an IP ADDRESS / 24 / 24 is the default gateway that all users will get using our own DHCP server however I do not know where to configure IP ADDRESS ON the LAN interface 2 as I do not see any option to do that

Once this is done I wish to restrict bandwidth to 5 MBit
And then generate Utilization reports
Please assist.

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Hi Tim
Is this been addressed on V7
I have a Change scheduled this Thursday to upgrade it to V7


I am using
Model Peplink MediaFast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

Yes, as the release notes state it is supported now on the MediaFast 500 with firmware version 7.

Thank you Time
Scheduled to do the Upgrade tonight will update the result


My name is Tim but good luck with the upgrade, please let us know how you make out!

Sorry :slight_smile:
Thank you

I performed the Upgrade however I still see the same page as seen before , Basicassly cannot configure the LAN interface with a IP ADDRESS.
My Objective is to connect a totally differently Subnet to this LAN interface


Any Advice Guys I still have no option to configure an IP ADDRESSS directly on the LAN interface ?


Am I correct you just want to add a specific VLAN/subnet to one of your LAN ports?

Did you create the VLAN under LAN > Network Settings? You need to click the ? icon there to switch to define multiple VLANs. Create the network you want ( Then under LAN > Port Settings, select that VLAN for your port. I think that should do it for you, unless I’m missing something.

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Hi Kgarvey

Well i do nto want to create a VLAN, Configure an IP address to that VLAN and then assign the VLAN to the LAN interface
I wish to configure the IP Address directly on the LAN Interface

Just like we configure an IP address on a Cisco Router Interface


I see. I don’t think you can do that if you don’t define the network on the Balance, which is done by creating the VLAN… someone can correct me if I’m mistaken.

You need to first create the VLan on the router. The router needs to know what the network is in order to route packets to it. The second IP address will be applied to the router, not the LAN interface.

After thinking some more about your setup, it may be easier for you to simply use routing instead of VLans. You already have DHCP, DNS configured for the LANS. You should be able to connect the cable and build some static routes on the office LAN router and the Peplink.

On your office LAN router, add a route for to the IP of the Peplink. On the Peplink, add a route for the Office router Network and use the Office router IP as the gateway. That should get the Office network to the internet and the response packets back. Then you can set up a firewall rule to block traffic from Guest to Office (and vice versa).

It can be done with VLans, but since both Existing networks have their own routers, no need in adding another router to the Office VLan. You just need the physical connection and the layer3 routing. I suppose you would just assign an IP that is in the Office IP range to the Peplink. The subnet and mask would also need to be configured. The VLanID needs to match what is configured on the other gear (999). Pretty sure you would still need a route defined to tell the default gateway of Office LAN to go to the Peplink for internet traffic.

Let me know how this works out for you.


Thank you jmjones
I just did as you advised and its working

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Glad to hear it. Did you go with VLans or Pure routing? Have you confirmed the two networks are isolated like you want?

Thanks for sharing the news of your victory!

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That’s Corrcet JmJones
I just did VLANS
Thank you


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