Group-wide SIM card report in IC2


When maintaining an infrastructure with number of HD2/HD4s there would be nice to have central, group-wide available list of SIM card numbers and associations with particular HD device and module location. It may help quickly identify what is SIM card number under question in case of card failure or subscription problem clarifying with operators. In our case we have SIM cards from three operators and about 60 SIMs total to manage.
This table would include for example:
Device name/tag
Consumed total bandwidth in current month
SIM IMSI no (can be read from every HD device in individual view)
SIM associated telephone/subscription nr (customizable)
Module ID (from HD device, for example, Cellular 1 by default)

Thank you


This would be awesome!
Bandwidth usage could be linked to each SIM IMSI so SIM’s can be swapped between devices and the counter keeps running in the cloud


Agreed - this is a great idea. Lets see what the InControl team can do for this. By the way, I see a lot of customers name the cellular WANs on the HD series with the cell number in brackets (ie Vodafone (07123 456 789)). Which helps them confirm which sim is which when looking at a device details page.


Yes, it is a great idea. We will include the feature in a later Balance/MAX and InControl 2 release.

Thank you for your inputs.