Group exemption in web blocking not working


I am testing the web blocking feature in Peplink Balance 580.
Blocking of categories is working fine.
But I am not able to set exemptions using either user groups or subnets.

Can someone please assist?


I just do a quick check (Firmware version 7.0.2) and the group exemption is work.

  1. May i know what firmware you are using ?

  2. Any NAT device between the client PC and the Peplink device that possible will NATed the client IP address ?

  3. Which website you use for testing ?

  4. Possible to share the network setup info for the Peplink device ?

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Thank you.

  1. Firmware version 6.3.1 build 1631
  2. No NAT device between the client PC and Peplink.
  4. Please see below:

Would you able to upgrade the device to latest firmware and test on the web blocking (group exemption) again ?

You can download the latest firmware by using the URL below:

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