GRE tunnels between Pepwave endpoints

We’re using a number of Pepwave MAX Transit units connected to AWS hosted FusionHubs to allow access to resources in our AWS systems. I’m trying to set up a GRE Tunnel from one Pepwave to another to allow multicast traffic, but I’m not sure of the proper addresses to fill in.

Our devices are on 172.x.x.x networks, so I’d assume that the other MAX Transit would be the remote GRE address, and the tunnel IPs would need to be a different IP space.

Does the tunnel go from endpoint to endpoint, or does the FusionHub need to have GRE setup on it as well? The multicast traffic is only intended to go from MAX Transit A to B.

I’m not sure you can achieve what you want in that way - although I need to spin up a lab to test it to be sure.

Typically I would use Layer2 PepVPN/SpeedFusion between the Transits and the FusionHub to allow multicast traffic to pass.
Have a look at:

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