Gps not working on max transit cat 18

I recently purchased a Max Transit Cat 18 Modem and a 7 in 1 antenna with GPS. I powered up my Cat 18 the day I received it and it displayed my GPS map on InControl for a few hours and it stopped. It does not show up on my Admin Dashboard. It’s been a couple weeks now of traveling through Utah and Colorado and three campgrounds and my GPS map still only shows the original location at power up. GPS satellites have been available in every location. I even hooked up the OEM GPS antenna that I received in the modem box and still nothing. To me it sounds like a modem issue.

What could be causing this? Is there a way to test if the antenna is providing data and/or the modem receiving and processing the gps data in the modem? Is there a way to turn on/off/reset the GPS in the modem?

GPS failures are nearly always cabling related. Unscrew and then retighten the GPS antenna as the first test.

You can tell if its working by logging into the transits web interface. If there is a map shown on the dashboard its working.

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I have tried both the 7 in 1 (GPS) antenna and the small GPS antenna which came with the modem and neither seem to be working.

Best log a ticket with engineering and they can dial in and test it.

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I created a Ticket but not sure where it ends up, who sees it or how to direct it to specific department. We’ll see what happens.

It goes to the Peplink helpdesk.
Peplink support staff see it. 1st line will ask for a diagnostic report initially to review low level system llogs, then perhaps remote assistance to be enabled so they can invesyogate further.

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