GPS Location went off course


So I was taking a MBX to a yacht today to install it and had it running in the car there.
After about 35minutes, the GPS track goes off course…
This is the overview of the drive, starting in Antibes, France and finishing in Imperial, Italy (on the coast, not in the hills!)

This image shows the moment the GPS started to ver off.

Its like there was a heading error.
Does the MBX have the new independent GPS chip rather than using the cellulars GPS?

On a side note, the only time the SpeedFusion disconnected was when crossing the border between France and Italy which is inside a tunnel. In all the other tunnels, we maintained connectivity with three SIM cards active.


Do you mind to open ticket for us to take a closer look?

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Hi @TK_Liew
The device has been factory reset and put into a differing IC2 account so the data is probably gone now.
However, the device is still showing up in IC2 as been where that trip supposedly ended (in the mountains in Italy) rather than where the device actually is (Imperia, Italy).

Thank You


Please help to open ticket. This allows us to follow up there. It is difficult to keep track everything here. Thanks.

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