GPS Location Centralized Monitoring on InControl

HI Guys,

We have trying to setup Pepwave MAX mobile router with GPS enable on vehicles, but the GPS location is only able to check when login into the Pepwave Max Router itself and see the GPS location on google maps.

How can we centralized all the MAX Router GPS location into single google maps? It would be helpful so that command and control center know every location on the vehicles are.

Bluewave Network Technologies - Alex

Hi Alex,

I believe this is accomplished by creating a SpeedFusion (Peplink/Pepwave proprietary VPN) connection from the MAX Mobile units in the field to a Peplink Balance at Command and Control. This will encapsulate all GPS data that can then be exported in NMEA format. You can learn more about it at the following link. Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Thanks and I hope this helps.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

Would like to ask, how to connect the 10V-30V DC into vehicle?

Bluewave Network Technologies - Alex