GPS Forwarding DNS timeout (ttl)

We are using the GPS forwarding option on our BR1 modems that we have installed in our shuttle buses. We are currently in the process of moving the endpoint that receives the UDP packets into a container running in Azure. To reach the container from the modems, we are using the hostname provided by Azure. Every time the Azure container start/stops (due to updates or schedule) the IP address of the container changes and it seems that the BR1 is caching the DNS record and it does not flush it until we reboot the modem leading to no more updates from the modem.

Is there any way around this to flush the DNS on the modem without having to issue reboot or is there a TTL setting for flushing DNS entries?

If not, maybe there is a bug or a feature request is needed?

We are running version 8.2.0 firmware BTW and we are using our cellular carrier’s DNS servers.


Interesting. I suppose that when the GPS forwarder initialises it does a DNS lookup and gets the destination IP, then it starts pushing location data - continuously, forever. The only time it might do another lookup is when it gets disabled / enabled, or maybe when the WAN fails?

Feels like a firmware improvement is needed for this.

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Do you think I should open a support ticket for this or will they see this post?

Yes open a ticket.