GPS Forwarding Broadcast

In the Release Notes for firmware 7.0, it states “GPS Forwarding can now support broadcasts
and multicasts” but I’m not finding any documentation on how. On a class C network, I tried using I have a firewall on that network logging everything and I don’t see any traffic hitting it. Before we create a listener in our app to see that traffic, I wanted to make sure we know how to actually set it up. For grins, I tried using but I’m still not seeing any traffic on that port. Do we have any documentation on how to broadcast/multicast GPS Forwarding?

Thanks for any help.


You just need to input Unicast, Multicast, or Broadcast address.

Would you mind giving an example of how to enter that? Let’s say the LAN network IP is I’ve tried and and can not see any traffic. I’m setting up a wire shark now but I already had a firewall logging everything and never saw that traffic on the port I designated.

Please find the screen below. I tested it was working fine.

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Thank you! I wasn’t thinking and was doing TCP with the broadcast address which obviously wasn’t working. Once I saw your screenshot it jumped out and me so I switched to UDP and it’s working great. Thanks for taking the time.

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