GigaBit LAN ports for Surf SOHO?

[INDENT=2]I am considering a ‘commercial’ router for my home use to increase network security after reading Michael Horowitz columns and his site Your Surf SOHO seems to be my best choice but I am confused by LAN port speeds. The downloadable ‘pepwave_surf_soho_datasheet.pdf’ shows max LAN port speed as 100Mb. However when I was visiting the 3gstore they offer an upgrade to 1Gb speed. Is this a Peplink upgrade or do they modify the router? Does Peplink offer 1Gb? (…but it’s not shown on your own site.)



Hi Russ,

The version with GE LAN ports selling at 3Gstore is genuine from Peplink. It’s a new hardware revision that we will be announcing publicly in the next few weeks.

Hi Keith,

Just wanted to chime in here and say the way you are releasing products is incredibly confusing to potential customers. You are shipping new models to your resellers, but not updating your own site with the model or specs. This causes confusion in this case, and when I was inquiring to Peplink support about the Balance 30 LTE model that supported XLTE in the US. Your website did not list the product, but your resellers had the item on their sites.

Hoping you reconsider how you announce/release your products, and ensure the information is on your website before it is available to purchase from your resellers.

Hi Xerxes,

You are absolutely right. This was not supposed to have happened. It was the first time and we will work hard to make sure it’s also the last time.

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts.