GET https://myIPpeplink/ net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Hello everyone!
I just found the Peplink .
I desperately need your help .
I have a Peplink 1350, and wanting to make a port forwarding, I lost access the web administration interface.

I tried but ssh , the login and password information that I have rejected .

Please , can anyone help me ?

How to enter again in the web interface, without crush the current configuration?

is there a way to do a rollback ?

You can restore the web admin access and username/password on front panel.

also getting this ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED problem


Please open a support ticket here for the team to further check.

Thank You

after 3 days now I’ve successfully found the solution, its my chrome who’s making the problem
here’s the fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED– Solutions Encyclopedia | DESKDECODE.COM
but thanks for your reply and kindness