Geolocation on google wrong when using speedfusion VPN


I have a balance 380 with Fusionhub solo installed on a UK (London) server, my wan connections are EE 4G UK based internet.

When using the speedfusion feature it appears that my IP is geographically based in the US.

I have checked the IP of the server on google search and it puts me in the UK but the ISP is a US ISP

The server for fusionhub solo is on a Vultr server.

Any suggestions as to how i can get a the correct UK location against my IP?

I am writing about it here incase there are settings in the Pipwave software.

I will contact Vultr about this as it seems their ISP might be the cause?



Gee, we’d consider it to be a bonus to fool/mislead the snoops and personal data aggregators at Google! :grinning::grinning::grinning: Some folks would charge ya extra for that service!

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Don’t worry, we see the same thing regularly.
Its to do with IANA transfers, usually for a big organisation like AWS, Google or Microsoft who transfers a chunk of IP addresses from Amazon US to Amazon Europe

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Hello @KieranC,
If you setup you network for monitoring with InControl2, then you can set your own locations of where the devices physically (or virtually) operate from. You can also use InControl2 to more than just monitor your devices, you can also managed & maintain your devices from the InControl2 platform.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: