GeoFence not really working

I setup a geofence the other afternoon while my Max Transit (MT) was in my storage lot. Two days later, yesterday afternoon around 1pm I drove the motorhome with the MT in it home. Did not receive an alert. Also logged into the MT while at home and the GPS location showed it was still in the storage lot. Fast forward to the this morning (the next day) and I got an alert at 3am. And now I see the GPS shows it in front of my house. ((correctly). I checked the tracking and it actually thinks I drove it at 3am to my house, not 14 hours before. (also the track starts about 10 miles from the storage lot) I just started using this MT, as it took a couple months to get the antenna mounted after I bought it.

I did configure it to forward gps info to but I am not sure that site is actually working as it still shows me (this morning) as out in the ocean off Africa. :frowning:

Could it be that forwarding the GPS info breaks this thing?


Here is the track of my GPS data for the last 12 hours. During a period it never moved an inch. The scale is about 300’ of movement. Puma 401 Antenna providing the gps signal to the Max Transit. Is there an issue here?


I tested the GeoFencing without issue. The GeoFencing I configured is around the office area. I expect to receive an e-mail when my car leaves/enters the blue zone.

I setup my MAX Transit on 2 Mar around 6:15 pm in my office. I went to InControl2 and confirmed the location of Transit is correct (in my office) and it does send its coordinate to the InControl2. Then I powered off and took the Transit into my car around 7:41 pm.

Unfortunately, I forgot to power on the Transit when I was driving. So, I decided to test again the next day morning. Please take note, the location of the Transit still at my office since it is the last known location.

I started my car the next day on 3 Mar, 8:10 am and reached office about 8:50 am.

I received 2 e-mails below when I check my inbox:

3 Mar 8:16 am - Left the blue zone (office area) and 3 Mar 8:34 am entered the blue zone. Sound weird, right? This can be explained. Remember, I made a mistake on 2 Mar as I didn’t power on the Transit when I drive back. So, the last known location is my office. When I powered on the Transit on 3 Mar, new location detected (at my house) by InControl2. So, the Transit is considered left the office at 8:16 am. When I entered the office area at 8:34 am, I received another e-mail saying I entered the office area. So, GeoFencing is working fine for me. Fyi, my Transit also enabled GPS Forwarding.

If you still face a problem, you may submit a ticket. Please elaborate as detailed as possible for us to investigate.

Hope this helps.

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Well Its NOT working. I picked up the motor home from the service center around 7 hours ago and the GPS still thinks I am still there I drove it all around san diego prior to bringing it home around 4 hours ago. How do we troubleshoot it. I think I am really troubleshooting the GPS system, not the geofence. The geofence cannot work correctly unless the gps works correctly first. What you see is “sort of” what happened Yesterday, still nothing for my longer drive today. -Bill

Please confirm whether you can see a map from the Dashboard of the device.

Map will be shown if the device can receive a valid GPS data. Else, you may need to submit a ticket for us to take a look.

No map there! Wi-Fi AP and Device information fields are right next to one another. No map between them like on your screen shot.

Please submit a ticket for us to take a look.

That was done, then it was forwarded to my reseller and now they are transferring it back as they cannot get the GPS to work at all now. It appears Peplink closed my ticket after sending it to the reseller. 21030253. They had me swap cables from the Puma 401 to the included gps antenna. Made no difference. The reseller gave up on 3/9 and sent it back to peplink. I have heard nothing since. We are preparing to get out on the road and really want this thing working. Is there anyway to get them involved again??

The weird thing I have noticed is the Transit seems to be running a LOT cooler now. The outside of the case was hot enough to make it uncomfortable to hold after just a few seconds. -Bill

Your ticket with me now. Just got to know that you are using Puma 401 antenna then swapped it to the original antenna that comes with the box. Please help to follow up on the ticket.


JFYI. A replacement transit arrived and gps is working. I will test the geofence again next Friday (2nd)

PS. This max transit runs about 25-30 degrees cooler than my other one. The other one ran so hot I bought a couple heat sinks and tie wrapped them to the outside of the device in an attempt to dissipate what I considered extreme heat from it. It was too hot to hold for more than about 5-10 seconds. -Bill