Generall Questions About Setup (VLANs, Content Filtering and Certificates)

Hi again, back with a few questions if that’s ok…

Is it possible to change the name of a VLAN from ‘untagged VLAN’ to something of my choice?

Do I need to create firewall rules to prevent VLANs from talking to each other? Or is unchecking Inter VLAN Routing enough?

When setting up subnets that are exempt from content filtering, do I use the format ‘’?

How do I go about creating a certificate for my pepwave so that I don’t get the security warning when logging in please?

Any help appreciated!

I had already created the network and modified the IP address BEFORE clicking the blue question mark button, which seemed to prevent me from editing it. After a restore of the config and clicking the blue ‘?’ first, I could do it fine. Thought I’d post this back as advice.

After searching the internet I read on a website called that ‘Inter VLAN Routing’ is enough…

Any help appreciated on this certificate question, for completeness I’d like to create my own Certificate…

I searched this Forum and found the following which may be of help: