General questions on Rugged AP

Hey Pepwave Team,

I recently bought a rugged AP and I just got the time to set it up today. Everything is good despite I didn’t get any manual with it, which is kind of weird lol. Anyhow, that didn’t matter I was able to get the manual from the net to set it up. I am confuse on some things such as remote management on https port 443. If I check layer 2 isolation I assume it will not allow me to remote manage it internally? I have tried several things except turning isolation off, but if it is then isolation is working as intended. Example: IP of Rugged AP is 192.x.x.x which I have a desktop I usually configure everything from. Going to IE/Browser https://192.x.x.x didn’t work nor https://192.x.x.x:443 for the heck of it. The remote is set to any. I had specific certain ip but didn’t work either. Don’t get me wrong I had a asus 5300 as a temp AP and isolation didn’t work I could still talk to everything. What is Incontrol? I keep getting a popup said ready to use incontrol management, but couldn’t find a setting called that. Assuming that is on like a balance or pepwave router. A few things I notice not a bigy but on status I don’t see my 5Ghz SSID only my 2.4Ghz. Is that a bug or normal? I had update it to the latest version per the GUI firmware. What is remote assistance? Is that pepwave support remote assistance if needed? For now, I turn it off. Is it possible for me to set my 5Ghz as 20/40/80 or is it only possible at 80? Do I need to check block guest from accessing LAN or pepvpn if I don’t user neither guest or pepvpn? That is pretty much it. Everything is running fine as of 15 minutes uptime since I set it up. I tested the range vs my unifi ap pro and it does has more range, which is a plus. Anyways thanks ahead of time for the answers.


NVM i figure it all out.

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Hello @West,
One of the most secure ways we have found for managing the Pepwave AP Rugged is via InControl2.
Have a look through the getting started guide on InControl2 at

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