Fw-b20_30-6.1.0b21-build2473.bin Issues

  1. Unable to save Local ID. Any value I put gets error that “invalid Local ID” had to roll back to b18.2422 (May be also a product that previosly I used SN as Locall ID and IPsec with UUID as local ID) unit was upgraded from ver 5.4.9 to 6.1b18.2422 and then to 6.1.b21
  2. GUI Crashed again but compare to crashes on b18.2422 which is keep connections and cached DNS (so I still able to use internet but cant login to GUI or SSH)
    in this version I can SSH into device.
  3. In the SSH >get eventlog stop loggin couple days ago assuming it then its crushed.

cant dump diagnostic in this case cuz GUI unavailable but unit is still up 1824-A4FD-8C3C

A new 6.1.0 beta firmware has been released through our ticket system.