FusionHub - SpeedFusion Bandwidth



I’ve got a FusionHub (in VMWare) and a Peplink 380 connected with SpeedFusion VPN.
The Internet Bandwidth is 100Mb/s (symmetric) but when test VPN Bandwidth i get around 10Mb/s

Anybody had issue on this ?


What does resource usage look like for the vm? Is the FH licensed for more than 10Mbps?
How are you testing the throughput? Best way is within inbuilt tools from the webui of the FH and B380…


The network card is VMXNET3 but usually i use E1000, this was set in OVF template
Could it be the problem can change ? If i add new network card it will change the MAC address and FusionHub will be confused…
To test I use 380’s PepVPN Test:Check the general TCP/UDP throughput. And it shows nothing comparing to another PepVPN connection to a Balance 20 where i’ve got : 21.7439 Mbps 4 %TX 13 %RX 360 retrans 157 KB-cwnd 11.70 msRTT (which is OK for that device)


I’ve changed VMXNET3 => E1000 but still the same result : Rx:< 1 kbpsTx:< 1 kbpsLoss rate:0.0 pkt/sLatency:20 ms
My FusionHub is licenced.


I’ve tested from FusionHub side end i’ve got : 89.8506 Mbps 1 %TX 14 %RX 1345 retrans 277 KB-cwnd 21.04 msRTT


May i know the firmware running for the Fusionhub ? There is a issue reported for Fusionhub firmware version 7.1.0 whereby the PepVPN Test tool is not giving test result (Direction: Initiate PepVPN test from remote devices to Fusionhub). This is nothing related to the actual SF throughput performance and more to PepVPN test tool malfunction.

Base on the explanation, you saying you able to get the Test performance from Fusionhub end (Direction : Initiate test from Fusionhub to remote devices). This seem like you are hitting the problem.

Please upgrade the Fusionhub using the following firmware and this should fix PepVPN test from remote devices to Fusionhub.




Thanks ! It was the problem.

Now i’ve got :

Test from Peplink 380 :
34.5957 Mbps 3 %TX 0 %RX 1262 retrans 215 KB-cwnd 21.13 msRTT
Test from FusionHub
92.6319 Mbps 2 %TX 11 %RX 1106 retrans 254 KB-cwnd 21.20 msRTT

Little strange on a 100Mb/s fibre line…
Does bandwidth control interacts with SpeedFusion speed ?


Test result given above is upload speeds ? If yes, then you may need to check the B380 upload speeds.

If you need to know the reason, please open a support ticket here for support team to check.


Yes it is upload speed, download is fine.
I open a ticket, thanks.