FusionHub Solo - Issue getting second tunnel to start

I have a FusionHub Solo license and have the connection up and running with no issues. I’m looking to add a second tunnel to that profile. I have a tunnel now that is setup with encryption but no WAN Smoothing. I would like to setup a second tunnel within the same profile that has WAN Smoothing enabled on it for a single device. I have aded the new tunnel, and it shows that its starting, but never does. I know I cannot have a second profile due to the FusionHub Solo license, but it allows me to create a second tunnel on the same profile. Any thoughts as to why the second tunnel never comes up?

you likely only have udp 4500 open at the fusionhub. open udp 4501 for the wan smoothing tunnel to use.

Martin, thanks alot… I went to my AWS security group and added 4501 inbound, and the tunnel fired right up. Appreciate the help. Are there others I should be aware of?

Glad it came right.
Every subtunnel you make will need its own port and by default they are sequential from 4500 upwards.

Best of luck!

Perfect, thanks alot!!