FusionHub Redundancy in AWS

Is there a recommended way to set up a HA FusionHub solution in AWS with FusionHubs in multiple Availability zones? Our systems are distributed across two AZ’s for redundancy, but the single FusionHub in Zone A is a single point of failure. If we put a second FH in Zone B and created a tunnel back to our remote office, I don’t see any way in AWS to automatically update the route tables if the FH in Zone A fails. In other words, I don’t see a way to to have two routes with different weights to office) where one routes through the network interface of the Zone A FH and one routes to Zone B.

That is not supported if the AZ are on same region.

A work around is enable WAN NAT in FusionHub so that FusionHub’s IP address is being used to access cloud servers. With this work around, session can only initiate from remote office.

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