FusionHub on VMWare Player


Hi there
Is it possible to test and install FusionHub on VMWare Player oder better on HyperV. We do not have an ESX Infrastructure? I have installed the FusionHub successful on VMWare Player but the License Activation will not work?

Any Help?


Hi Elmar,

Support for VMWare Player/Workstation will be coming in a later (beta) release.



Hi Elmar, new FusionHub beta has been released which supports both VMware Player and Workstation. You may refer to the link below for details



Does FusionHub support Microsoft Hyper-V ?


Hi jmsoares91,

 Sorry, FusionHub does not support MS Hyper-V at the moment.



Hi jmsoares91,

 A bit more info on the issue : currently Microsoft provides binary drivers only for interacting with Hyper-V which we cannot use them with our FusionHub product.



But is there any plans for development if Microsoft decides to “help” ?

Thanks Enoch


Yes it is possible, though at the moment we don’t find a good way to work around yet, and it would be hard to get the level of support we need from Microsoft.
I am thinking about a workaround that may work, but I need to discuss with our developers first about its technical feasibility, and I also need to do more research about it myself.
So, at this moment, I would say no development plan for now.