FusionHub on VMWare Player

Hi there
Is it possible to test and install FusionHub on VMWare Player oder better on HyperV. We do not have an ESX Infrastructure? I have installed the FusionHub successful on VMWare Player but the License Activation will not work?

Any Help?

Hi Elmar,

Support for VMWare Player/Workstation will be coming in a later (beta) release.


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Hi Elmar, new FusionHub beta has been released which supports both VMware Player and Workstation. You may refer to the link below for details


Does FusionHub support Microsoft Hyper-V ?

Hi jmsoares91,

 Sorry, FusionHub does not support MS Hyper-V at the moment.


Hi jmsoares91,

 A bit more info on the issue : currently Microsoft provides binary drivers only for interacting with Hyper-V which we cannot use them with our FusionHub product.


But is there any plans for development if Microsoft decides to “help” ?

Thanks Enoch

Yes it is possible, though at the moment we don’t find a good way to work around yet, and it would be hard to get the level of support we need from Microsoft.
I am thinking about a workaround that may work, but I need to discuss with our developers first about its technical feasibility, and I also need to do more research about it myself.
So, at this moment, I would say no development plan for now.