FusionHub on KVM at VULTR Host - Mission Success!

First of all, i would like to thank Support team and especially Martin Langmaid for their devoted help to this community. We have managed to install a FusionHub instance at VULTR.com for $5 a month instance. Now the details:-

  1. Get the RAW image from here http://download.peplink.com/firmware/fusionhub/fw-fusionhub-6.2.2-build1370-raw.zip and more details from this post:
    FusionHub KVM version

  2. When you go into your VULTR control panel don’t try to upload the image as ISO, instead just add it as a SNAPSHOT.

  3. Go ahead and create your FusionHub instance and configure it as normal.

Note: You can upgarde FusionHub instance to latest 6.3.2 from control panel without any problems.



I’m really interesting for try FusionHub on Vultr.
I don’t understand how do you do for configure FusionHub after install the snapshot. Have you got more informations of this.
Thank a lot. there aren’t a lot informations of Vultr and Fusionhub.
Best regards !!!

How in the world do you upload this file to Vultr? It is asking me for a remote url, but won’t accept the zip file when I past this link directly. Please help.

Besides the base fee of $5/month there is an hourly charge for use, $0.007/hour. May I ask how much that runs to per month for a fusionhub instance?

[Update: as he points out, the $0.007/hour is simply the prorata of $5/month, not an additional charge.]

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There is no hourly charge, it’s a VPS instance which you pay either $5 a month or divide that hourly for a whole month, you only pay fixed $5 and you get 1 Tera of traffic. You need to UNZIP the image before uploading, you need to upload it to a remote website and just feed the URL in the SNAPSHOT panel to be uploaded in your Snapshot library which will able you to create the file system like i explained above.


How in the world do you upload this file to Vultr? It is asking me for a remote url, but won’t accept the zip file when I past this link directly. Please help.

I know this was an old post, but found this thread when searching, so posting a reply in case others find it as well.

Following q8reflex’s post above, you go to the Snapshot tab at vultr, not the ISO tab. On the bottom of the snapshot tab you can enter the URL for the contents of the zip file linked above, but you have to unzip it and upload it somewhere first. You can use dropbox or if you have signed up for vultr and don’t have another online storage or hosting spot, you can create a new temporary instance.

To do that, + Deploy new server. Server type, choose application tab, LAMP. Once it’s created login to that server (click products, on the instance, overview and the eye icon to unhide the pw, then click the console icon on the top right).
Logged into the console:
cd /var/www/html
wget https://download.peplink.com/firmware/fusionhub/fw-fusionhub-7.1.1-build1538-raw.zip
(version 7.1.1 link from TK_Liew’s post here: How to Migrate Your FusionHub Licence to a New VM - #8 by zegor_mjol )
unzip *.zip
ls -alth

Then you can go to the vultr snapshot tab. At the bottom upload from (where is the main ip of the LAMP instance above) The raw file is about 400MB.

Then create a new server instance, server type: snapshot and select the snapshot you uploaded above.

Then your fusionhub is installed. Set the login immediately and/or enable the firewall limiting access to only your local IP. I’m not sure if there is a direct link for 8 raw. With 7.1.1 installed above, you can click firmware, update and update to 8.

Then you can enter your license and it’s running.

(And now you can delete the temporary LAMP instance.)


P.S. and if you’ve already setup there a few months ago, have you encountered any issues? How’s it been working for you hosted there? For the OP, has everything been smooth since 2017? Thanks for this thread too.

OK. Was able to download the raw file, post it to one of my existing servers, and use that to load up a new VPS with Vultr. Then update the firmware to 8.0.0 and get things configured and working.

A suggestion for the Peplink folks: make the setup wizard include changing the admin password (do that first!). Nothing like having a virtual server with a default password live while you go hunt up the SpeedFusion license! Password change and restart should be the first thing, not licensing, for safety.

This enhancement will be included in upcoming firmware 8.0.1.

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On the router side, it’d be nice if there were an on/off capability for SpeedFusion configurations (router and hub) so you could turn off a SpeedFusion config without deleting it.

It’s an available option from inside the profile.


Thanks! Missed that.

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Good. I noticed when I setup a cloud instance many hundreds of attempts against common ports within hours (not peplink related, but the volume of brute force bot activity against the cloud providers IP space.) I would have also preferred if the default was something like adminbuildnumber.

Oh, on that note I found that if you create a default linux or lamp instance first at vultr and enable a firewall on it (no cost at vultr for firewall which is between the internet and the cloud instance), then you can reinstall over that instance and choose the custom peplink snapshot image you created.

This way the firewall is already active when you install the fusionhub on it and the peplink instance isn’t exposed for the minutes before you change the default password or create the firewall.

Hello @aquablue, @Kenny & @amaranth,
Peplink already has an excellent way to almost instantly secure all Peplink appliances including FusionHub when you use InControl2, add the serial number to a group within InControl2 and make sure you enable the “Device Web Admin Management”.

(PS this is an example admin username & password if manually set, the “Assign a random password for each device” is excellent also)

If the organisation you are setting up any appliance/FusionHub is not going to operate with InControl2, you can still do this option to create immediate installation security. Once secured you can then remove the device from the InControl2 group & go into the Web Admin of the appliance/FusionHub to turn off InControl2 functionality.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


FusionHub 8.0.1 RAW image: http://download.peplink.com/firmware/fusionhub/fusionhub-8.0.1-build1644-raw.zip


Is 8.01 the latest raw image for fusionhub or is there a raw download of the latest firmware fusionhub now?

Still the latest raw image - you can of course update this when it’s deployed straight away :slight_smile:

The deployment manual is from October 2023
FusionHub-User-Manual-and-Installation-Guide.pdf (peplink.com)

FusionHub Download page:
Firmware & Documentation- Peplink

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Just installed a new fusionhub based on the 8.0.1 raw image; for some reason the check for updates didn’t work; it said update available and advised to backup config before applying, but clicking apply it just took me back to the check for firmware updates page. I manually downloaded the latest fusionhub firmware from the latest firmware announcement and applied it by uploading it to the fusionhub firmware update page without issue and it rebooted fine.

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The firmware checking and upgrade function in 8.0.1 has an issue as you described, it has been fixed in 8.1.0 and later versions (I have just verified).