FusionHub Latency

I have a SpeedFusion tunnel connected from a FusionHub in the cloud, which I’m using for InBound traffic. The primary tunnel is using WAN Smoothing across 2 links. When I go to FusionHub in the cloud and look at the statistics it appears to show me the worst/highest latency of the 2 links, even though, I can tell by watching the WAN statistics it is using the best latency of the 2 links to transmit the data because I see transmission stop on the second link when latency goes above 500ms. Can this minor display issue be easily fixed?

Here’s it showing that it doesn’t use the link when its over 500ms.

My goal here is to be able to tell what the actual inbound latency is. Thanks!

May be you can have a try using the latest firmware 8.1.0 beta 4, we have redesigned the PepVPN chart and now it will show every pieces of information down to WAN-to-WAN link level. You can see how the latency fluctuate and the link quality, etc.

As always, this is a beta firmware, there may be some features not meeting the GA quality yet, so please make sure this is not applied to any critical deployments, and if possible, let us know if you found any possible bugs or something not performing well, thank you :wink:


Perfect. Thank you.

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