FusionHub interface quantity


It seems as though FusionHub only supports two interfaces. While in some scenarios, that may work, in many others, that seems way too few.

Given that the VM is essentially the same code as sits on top of a HW appliance, is there any reason for this? Is there any roadmap where this limitation will be lifted? Other limitations to what’s configurable seem to also be present in the virtual environment, which is directly contradictory to what a VM is supposed to be able to do anyway.

We have a particular deployment where FusionHub would work if it weren’t for this issue.

Hopefully this is another issue where you can resolve it quickly.


Fusionhub is not intended to be a virtual balance appliance, it should be thought of as a very small super efficient vpn concentrator / gateway.

Do I wish Peplink would release a virtual balance appliance - yes I do, and I will keep on begging for one.

In the meantime though, FusionHub is still a fantastically versatile component in the Peplink ecosystem and is frequently a really efficient problem solver for us - wouldn’t be without it. Just wish I could do Layer 2 PepVPN with it every now and then…