FusionHub instance won't start on EC2


I had been running FusionHub successfully on AWS EC2 for quite a while. Several months ago I stopped my instance on EC2. Today I started it, but it does not seem to be starting correctly. Instance indicates “running” on EC2 Management Console, but the instance status check fails with this message:

Instance reachability check failed at October 3, 2016 at 2:15:00 PM UTC-5 (42 minutes ago)

And I can’t ping the public IP or connect to it via the browser (no response, timeout).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.


If you are using Paravirtualization (PV) version of FusionHub, you may consider to build a new instance using HVM.
AWS is obsoleting PV and we heard that sometime problem exists in PV (any instance, not limit to FH).

To build a new HVM FusionHub instance:

  1. Launch a new instance using “FusionHub 6.2.2s008” (make sure “Private Images” filter is enabled when browsing AMI images)
  2. Follow this page to migrate your existing FusionHub license to the new HVM instance.
  3. You can find a backup configuration of your FusionHub in InControl2, Deivce details, Configuration backup and upload the configuration to the new FH