Fusionhub download speed limitation and variation?


I am using a BL-One connected to a FusionHub which receives video streams from various location. My download speed outside PepVPN is 280Mb/s down / 110Mbit/s up (optical fiber connection). Yesterday it dropped below 4Mbit/s down and today it is in the range of 25Mbit/s down and 75Mbit/s up.

Any specific reason for this variation of bandwidth (terrible when doing remote video production) whereas I should get at least 100Mbit/s down.

thank you

The PepVPN throughput for Balance One is 30Mbps. You may find the URL link below.

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Thank you TK,

I understand this, even if I experienced much higher bandwidth. But right now, bandwidth is down to 3 to 4Mbit/s down while I can still enjoy 80Mbit/s upload w/o encryption

Something is going wrong either with Speedfusion or AWS. Furthermore it used to work perfectly till 2 days ago :frowning:


Throughput drop may cause by packet loss or high latency. Since you have opened ticket, I will follow up from there.

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I have the same issue. I have a broadcast van connected via Balance One to a FusionHub - based in AWS SYD.

On Friday 8 Sept, I was getting good speed (one connex was via office 200Mbps fiber)

Yesterday 9 Sept it was bad - around 4Mbps - today (10 Sept) it was 2Mbps, no fiber today, just Cellular (5)

Tomorrow is my event with 4 incoming video feeds and one outgoing. I will have fiber, but need performance to be good.

Is AWS having a bad day ?