FusionHub and Static LAN VPN

I am trying to use FusionHub to get either an AWS VM or a openVPN client to connect to a local static network that my MAX BR1 is connected too (xxx.xxx.120.x). Have searched and played around with and seem to just not be able to figure it out, if possible. The local network is a machine network where the devices do not have gateway so AWS and/or my openvpn client need to be able to have a static IP that either resides on the local machine network or some NATing that can make them appear is they are.

The BR1 is connected to a Verizon cell network so unable to hit the interface directly.

Any obvious things to check, or do I need to get the gateway added to my devices.

If the devices on the LAN of the BR1 don’t have a gateway set but you want to access them then you need a Layer 2 PepVPN. I made a video about a similar need here https://peplink.ninja/2020/06/04/using-sd-wan-as-a-long-distance-ethernet-cable/

You can setup a Layer 2 VPN between the BR1 and a Fusionhub but you can not disable the DHCP server on the Fusionhub when you are using remote dial in users. So. Set the DHCP on the Fusionhub to be the same Subnet / range as the remoet BR1 and give it a go. If you have DHCP running on the LAN of the remote BR1 you will technically have two overlapping DHCP servers running but I think for your use case you should get away with it. Maybe set the Fusionhub to assign IPs in the far end of the range the BR1 is assigning IPs (if indeed you are using DHCP on the BR1).