Fusion hub firewall

I am a bit confused on fusion hub firewall setup. As you know there is not inbound access as typical for peplink devices. Port forwarding is the only option and it works regardless of any firewall rules for inbound access. I am trying to setup inbound rules that work but I am missing something. Can someone clarify the process for setting up say port 80 to a server internally behind a fushion hub?

The FusionHub is not really a full router like a typical Peplink device, it is mainly intended as a termination point for VPNs, hence the stripped down options for configuration.

The LAN interface of the FusionHub is also not quite like other Peplink devices, it would normally be used as way to get traffic between the hubs VPN peers and any internal networks with another device sitting off to the side of the FH handling routing for that network.

Do you mean a server connected behind a remote PepVPN peer? For example someone connects to the public IP of your FH WAN interface but you need their traffic to be sent to a server that is connected behind a remote Peplink device that has a PepVPN tunnel to the FH?

No this is just a fusion hub at the edge with servers behind it. After a bit more looking I am going to have to do what Martin suggested and put a firewall like opnsenseā€¦ I had slept since that conversationā€¦