Fusion Hub AWS and SpeedFusion



I have a Pepwave MAX BR2 and have setup Fusion Hub in the lab + speedfusion successfully in a few month ago and is now looking at testing this in AWS.
After i set it up, my SpeedFusion tunnel always fails to get established, its flapping between starting – Authenticating – Creating tunnel and back again?

I’ve double check the settings and they all looks fine. can anyone suggest something for me to look out for?
It may be a trivial thing that i missed

On Fusion Hub setup i followed the Peplink Fusion Hub 6.2.1 guide.
Any help is appreciated



Hi Jerri,

Please open ticket here for us to check further.



Believe you having problem to establish SpeedFusion data port (Udp 4500 by default).

Please check:

  1. Udp 4500 port is opened in AWS security group
  2. Udp 4500 port is allowed in BR2’s WAN network
  3. If above doesn’t help, try other Udp port (need to add the Udp port to AWS security group).



Thanks for this, it fixed the problem.
Awesome stuff!!!

The resolution is to add the UDP 4500 the AWS Security group