Full Name visible on Forum Accounts

I just realized that everyone’s full name is visible on the forums. I would prefer it to just be my username.

I don’t remember agreeing to this, and I can’t seem to change my name when editing my user profile.

Is this a bug or intentional? Can I opt out?

you can change your name here https://peplinkid.peplink.com/ as I know…

btw, I like real names in a real forum :wink:



I can edit my name here Peplink ID (once I click the edit button).

I too prefer real names in the forum. Helps keep the bots and spammers out - or at least identify them more quickly.

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Agree about keeping spammers out, but privacy is also an important feature.

I just changed my name using Peplink ID but nothing has updated on the forums yet. I’ll give it a few mintues and try again.

I notice that if you are logged into the forums, you can see your own email address, but it looks like you can’t see anyone else’s email - is that right? Would hate for email addresses to be publicly visible by default…

Since the merger of the PeplinkID with the forum accounts, I also think this is something of a security risk, since it makes it easy for the public to scrape these forums and get a list of the names of everyone with a PeplinkID - this could make it easier to do social engineering / phishing attacks against the InControl site. That worries me.

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@soylentgreen, I believe you may need to log out and re-login the forum.peplink.com in order to get your new display name updated.


@WeiMing thank you - in fact I had to log out on all devices then log back in before the change updated. It’s working for me now.