Full DHCP support for Fusionhub As Internet Gateway in Layer2 VPN deployment

We’re doing a bucket load of broadcast video deployments at the moment, and to keep things simple many of those customers just want a flat network between locations (so their multicast device discovery stuff works).

Typically then, there will be a broadcast studio with a big Balance or MBX, and a ton of remote Transit Duos, MBX, Balance etc and the Peplink device in the studio provides DHCP across the L2 network whilst also acting as the internet gateway.

To improve resilience, we’re putting FusionHub appliances in the middle between the studio and the remote locations so that inter site traffic and streams continue to work if the studio loses connectivity.

What we want is to be able to use the Fusionhub for DHCP and to be able to set the gateway for those DHCP clients too. In some installs it would be the LAN IP of the Fusionhub, in others the LAN IP of a remote device on the same layer2 segment.

Right now we’re hosting Firewall appliances beside the Fusionhub to provide the DHCP and NAT/L3 routing to the internet, but it would be easier if that job was done by the Fusionhub instead.


+1 for this for exactly the same reasons as Martin, currently we either have to bridge the traffic out of the FH appliance into a hardware firewall/router or run something like a CSR100v next to it.

Full support for VLANs and completly separate WAN/LAN interfaces (either as extra vNICs or dot1Q tagged interfaces) for different VRFs on the same FusionHub would also be really useful to us here too.

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This request keeps coming back over and over.
FusionHub + DHCP

And someday, a virtual balance, please


Well that would be nice too - especially for places where we cannot, or do not want to deploy physical appliances but require a more complete feature set. :slight_smile:

As it stands right now the FusionHub works well for me as a concentrator (which I gather is its intended application) but for anything beyond that we hang another device (virtual or physical) off the side of it and in many cases are giving another vendor money we could be giving to Peplink.

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Let’s go to SDN, manage hybrid cloud infrastructures using SpeedFusion. That’s where the fun happens.

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