Forum shouldn't hijack right-click

New forum is OK, but I find it extremely annoying that it’s hijacking my right-click. The way I use forums, I often view a list of topics and “open in new tab” each one that I’m interested in, and then come back later and read them. This is especially useful when a person has a slow connection, and each tab may take a few seconds to load.

Peplink, can you please disable this hijacking feature or at least give us an option to turn it off?


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I just realized that right-click is only blocked in some situations:

  • main forum view: not blocked
  • notifications list: blocked
  • inside a thread: blocked

the inconsistency is confusing.

Can you simply use ctrl-regular click ? that is what i do. opens new tab.

I’m on macOS and control-click is the same thing as right click (in almost all cases).

The problem is it’s inconsistent.

On the main forum page:

  • the list of topics : i can right-click and “open in new tab”
  • other links, such as TRENDING, UNREAD, CATEGORIES, Create Topics, View All, etc: none of these can be right-clicked.

Do you see the same thing?

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I am the lead developer of the current forum, we will look into this.

As the development team are not monitoring forum posts closely, please use the feedback button on the right hand side to send us feedback instead, so we can fix the issues more efficiently. Thanks!